ESA BIC PT Azores Roadshow was successfully completed

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The ESA Space Solutions, together with the Portuguese Space Agency – Portugal Space, attended the ESA BIC Portugal Roadshow in Azores, between 30 June and 2 July, which included stops in TERINOV, Nonagon and Incuba+, three members incubators of the ESA Business Incubation Centre in Portugal.

The main goal of this initiative was to introduce the ESA BIC programme and its benefits, as well as to motivate space entrepreneurship and boost innovative ways to create new applications and innovative services based in space technology and data.

During the roadshow, good practices and study cases of startups that have already benefited from this programme were presented, such as our ESA BIC alumni UNDERSEE.

The ESA Space Solutions Portugal program is possible through national funding to the ESA ARTES programme and helps entrepreneurs to turn their space-connected business ideas into commercial companies with with 50K for product and services development.

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