We aim at innovative technology transfer from space down to Earth!

We promote the use of any space technology in terrestrial services and products, fostering this need-offer matchmaking and seeking for the needed funding.

Early in 2013 IPN implemented a national programe to scout the potential of Portuguese space and downstream ecosystem – PTTI. Since the successful implementation of this first pilot, IPN has been ESA’s Innovation Partner in Portugal.

As Innovation Partner, IPN offers a set of services to support technology transfer from space down to Earth. These range from: space technology scouting, with high potential for transfer onto other industries; mediation with potential clients and users; as well as supporting funding applications.

Additionally, IPN as Portuguese ESA SME Point of Contact supports SMEs from both space and non-space backgrounds who want to engage with ESA’s R&D programmes. Training workshops and webinars are provided along with advice on the procurement processes.

SPARK 4 TECH (S4T) is a Portuguese call to stimulate the use of space technologies within non-space applications. S4T aims to support exclusively technology transfer feasibility studies in order to prove the relevance of a technology/know-how for another technology field as well as reduce the technical risk and confirm the market opportunity.

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50% funding up to 50.000€

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BERM, detection and distinguishing energetic particles

Detect the impact of energetic particles such as protons and electrons, distinguish the particles and determine the range of energies in which they are. Able to monitor space radiation by measuring the number of energy particles generated by the Sun and act accordantly.


Radiation monitoring, Medical devices, Health security

EuTEMP - autonomous temperature recording unit

Autonomous temperature recording unit. It has 6 temperature sensors to study several behaviours in the microgravity environment, covering temperatures from -140ºC to +400ºC. Powered by batteries, resistant to extreme temperatures and efficiently integrated in EuTEF.


Temperature control, Low battery measurements 

Modular power unit for harsh and remote environments

Modular power unit based on MPPT for small satellites and nanosatellites with full autonomy, higher energy conversion efficiency, miniaturization and mass reduction (using CFRP composites). Uses 1 or multiple power PCBs, enabling the output to be scalable from 100 up to 500 W.


Nano & micro satellites, harsh environment monitoring and control systems for aerospace, remote handling systems for hazardous and radiation environments, automated systems for industry

Mission Control Software

Software designed to control a single satellite or a complete constellation through a user-friendly and secure control interface. Fully customizable according to the specific needs of satellite operators, complies with CubeSat space protocol (CSP), all data can be stored in a server and accessed remotely.


Space missions, of different types and with different applications, and ground communications

AI algorithms for assessment of human movement

Merges artificial intelligence algorithms and biomechanical models to instantly translate movement data into meaningful insights. Characterization of human movement with less than 3% of error, compared with the gold standard. Faster, cheaper and more efficient interventions.


Healthcare, Health Insurers, Pharma, Sports, Space 

AQUAFARM - Management of water food resources

AQUAFARM integrates in situ data and satellite data with forecast models, based on Hidromod AQUASAFE System. Explores the concept of using remote data to support Retailers, Farmers Associations, Ministries and Service Providers. Can include forecasts on wind, rain, temperature, water availability, etc.


Irrigation, Precision farming, Floods, Hidropower, etc.

Ultra high modulus carbon fibre

Thermally conductive (CFRP) material for an electronic box, allowing thermal dissipation of the electronic system while the system remains highly protected. Reduced weight and able to withstand harsh mechanical environments without suffering corrosion.


Electronic devices for heat dissipation, Automotives, components requiring hight thermal stability 

Secondary structure

Secondary structure can be provided for different applications, based on metallic and composite parts (like connector plates and brackets) and CFRP and GFRP struts (for structural and thermal decoupling from PLM and SVM for instance). Customized products based on customer’s specification .


Secondary structure for spacecraft

Electrically conductive black primer

Use of black coatings to protect metallic surfaces against corrosion and promote adhesion for additional structure bonding. Provides electrical and thermal control, low outgassing, high emissivity, excellent structural bonding interface and preserves the treated surface in long-term.


Spacecraft, Metallic surface, Bonding metallic surface, Anti-corrosion 

InovGas Technology: Aluminium Container

Focused the process to produce small low cost aluminium containers for a high pressure gas storage system.

The gas is stored in highly pressurized spheres, which are then placed in larger tanks whose shape constraints are much less stringent than those of currently existing tanks.


Ionic and Chemical Propulsion, Cold Gas Thrusters, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Passenger Cars and Buses – Autogas (LPG) tanks.

Transition Joints

Technology of Solid State Joining, which relies on the magnetic pulse to join rod geometries. The low heat input inherent to this technique allows it to be used on polymers. The materials used are AA7075-T7351 fittings bonded to M55J CFRP strut tubes with a two-part room temperature cure epoxy


Spacecraft structures (CFRP to Metal Joints), Material connections in combustion chambers (metallic to non-metallic materials), Welding and joining for industry applications.

Lightweight carbon fiber hinge

Composite material structure for flexible applications with reduced weight due to the replacement and elimination of the metal hinges (almost 30% weight reduction). Corrosive free, valid for several composite manufacturing processes and almost no restrictions when addressing fatigue


Project and Manufacturing of Composite based structural components; Space, aerospace and automotive industry part production; Aeronautical (rescue, emergency slides, etc.); Transports; Defence; Sports; Tents; Medical composites Thin-walled structures; Composite flexible structures

Advanced Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing (AM) based in titanium alloys (e.g., Ti6Al4V). The methodology is compliant with important ECSS regulation. Significant mass reduction, frequently faster and cheaper than conventional methods.


Structure functional optimization, complex part manufacturing, smart architectures

Lightweight ablative materials for heat shields of re-entry vehicles

Lightweight ablative materials to be used for heat shields of return capsules with high re-entry velocities. Capable of withstanding extreme heat flux environments (peak heat fluxes of 14 MW/m2 and peak stagnation pressure of 800 mbar) while keeping a low mass budget.


Heatshields for re-entry vehicles, Reusable capsules for material samples return for ground-based testing

Wireless Signals Transmission for Solar Array Drive Mechanisms

Based on the Wireless Slip Ring technology that provides a module to replace signal transmission contact slip rings with a single contactless digital transmission one, reducing the product size, mass and allowing a higher number of sensors to be connected and their data transmitted to the space-craft with less noise.


Micro, medium and large satellites, Oil & Gas

HELENA - Altitude measurement tool

HELENA technology performs long-range measurements (from 100m up to 20km) with an accuracy of at least 50cm while having a low power consumption (14W). The laser emitted is eye-safe (Class 1). Has better accuracy and can detect smaller objects. 


Measuring tools, Altimeter, Planetary Landing, Speed Measurements, Mapping/Scanning

Non-explosive actuator for hold down and release mechanisms

An Engineering Model for a Non-Explosive Actuator (NEXA), to be used in Hold-Down and Release Mechanisms (HDRM) of future telecom platforms. Its core characteristics (being fully re-usable and ultra-low shock, as well as being fast acting and ITAR free) are strong points for its commercialization. 


Aerospace & Defense, Chemical industry, Mining industry, Energy/power industry, Pulp & Paper industry, Water systems/Municipalities 

Wireless Power delivery

IoT and space oriented wireless sensor networks can be fed on a battery-independent way. This WSN receives a continuous flow of energy that is harvested, so that the sensing mechanisms can be continuously powered. Uses a dual band RF-dc converter to collect the maximum energy possible


Power transfer, Industrial, automation and transportation control management, Structural health monitoring, Human Health monitoring

Intelligent Alarm Sensor

Smart learning module that receives and analyzes data from sensors, and provides an alarm when errors are encountered or when  there are abnormal deviations of values. It has a user friendly interface and allows for an early detection of anomalies.


Monitoring systems, Industrial assembly lines, Smart buildings, Medical & Health, Instrumentation and Energy

Innovative Open Sandwich Structure Technology

Crossover technology for applications in primary and secondary structures, offering a unique design allowance regarding bi-directional properties, non-flat geometries and integrated functionality.


Aircraft fuselage structures, Rail and naval flooring panel, Structural integrated thermal protection systems

Reliable Modular Platform

A reliable and safe system that gathers critical (sensor and actuators data) and non critical (health and condition monitoring) information. No need for configuration as it is plug & play in off-the-shelf equipment with mechanical robustness, low power consumption allied with reliability and security.


On-board systems for Railways, Condition Based Maintenance solutions, Critical Industrial Control

Radiation Monitors

Monitor to collect data related with radiation exposure (absorption dose). It has the ability to anticipate problems and introduce predictability in manned flights/missions.

Acts as an alarm system towards high energy (nuclear or not) detection.


Mining, Healthcare, Aircrafts and aeronautic industry, military environment

Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA)

It substantially enhances the performance and capability of existing standard systems, as it handles tasks such as event building, feature extraction and high level trigger processing.

Commercial open standard designed for high throughput availability.


Data acquisition systems for automation, Large-scale physic  experiments, Nuclear Instrumentation

Galileo Code Receiver

A global navigation satellite system with a high accuracy postioning compared to the GPS system. It can be a precise solution (few centimetre level) for imaging, surveillance, control applications and for unmanned vehicles


Guidance and control applications  for vehicles, Agriculture imaging Civil protection (Search & Rescue), surveying in harsh environments

Modular Operating System for Unmanned Vehicles

It runs in low cost highly available hardware, providing a cost effective architecture that enables the production of cost effective systems (new and flexible avionics architectures) for sectors that cannot afford huge development costs.


Unmanned vehicles for: Aerial and Terrestrial (Rovers, Electric Cars) applications; Industrial and Surgical Robotics, Avionics systems test bench; precision agriculture

DyMDeST, Dynamic Multi-criteria Decision Support Tool

Multicriteria decision method with dynamic characteristics and capacity to deal with dynamically changing input data and criteria. It is able to evaluate a large set of settings, adapting the weights according to changes over time, in order to provide the optimal option at any given moment.


Energy sector, Environment, Bioinformatics, Insurance sector

VSTART: Model Based Distributed System Tester

Tool that conducts rigorous and repeatable regression tests for several applications such as industry, telecommunications, software houses and system databases. Web-based interface so tests can be inspected or interrupted in real time, in multiple environments.


System Integrators (in Hospitals, Highways, Airports), Software companies, Telecommunications industry

Fault-Tolerant & Isolated Partitions Embedded Software

Innovative software developed for processors  that can be applied in situation where safety, reliability and modularity of the software are fundamental.

Secure interface with the hardware.


Safety Critical devices in: Military electronics, Storage and Transportation, Mining Machinery and other industrial automation.

Verification and Validation of Safety-critical systems

Technology to test systems in exceptional situations and force worst-case failure scenarios, while being completely un-intrusive at the software level.

Tests in the target embedded system that otherwise would require much more efforts.


Fail-safe computers, Medical / health software, Military electronics

Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems

Free open source real-time operating system designed for embedded systems.

Cost-effective solution for almost any kind of safety-critical embedded software application.


Automotive, Railways, Avionics

Metry - Telemetry and Big Data Framework

It’s an easy to use framework that retrieves, stores and monitors information from satellite communications.

The database provides a fast and high demanding search performance, so it can scale from simple small business solutions, to large enterprises with multiple customers.


Telemetry, Asset Tracking, Remote Monitoring, Fishery, Energy Monitoring, Agriculture, Water Management, Communications, Biotelemetry

Packed – code generator for network protocols

It significally reduces the effort required to implement network communication components where proprietary protocols have been defined.

Reduction of the total costs, faster development, higher quality and easier maintenance.


Telecommunications, Data Communications, Networking, Proprietary communication protocols

System for Acquisition of Reflected GNSS

This system analyzes signals reflected from the water surface, its high resolution allows the measure of different characteristics such as the wavesheight, frequency, roughness and wind speed. It works with both GPS and Galileo and also provides data acquisition and data process subsystems.


Oceanography research centers, coastal monitoring, Search and Rescue operations, Dams, Rivers and Lakes Monitoring, Water Recreational activities

Drone Active Antenna Array

Active antenna arrays are used in drones to focus on the area of interest, maximizing efficiency, and increasing operating range. Its concept has low mass, mechanical simplicity and allows radiated energy to be concentrated in one spot, which are great improvements when compared to the traditional antennas.


Environmental monitoring of maritime areas and coastal areas, Security surveillance, Emergency Disaster Recovery, Civil Protection real time support

Silica based aerogel

Aerogels can resist large temperature ranges (-180 ºC to 350 ºC), vibration and high vacuum and may be supplied in blocks, blankets or powder. They also combine low density, low thermal conductivity, hydrophobicity, flexibility and don’t cause skin irritation during installation.


Water treatment equipment and waste disposal systems, Helium storage, Cryogenic tanks

Energy nanogenerator to and harvest system

Energy harvesting method that has a simple working mechanism. It produces high output power and has the ability of harvesting energy in any environment (water pipelines, taps of housing, etc.) because it was built to function as watertight.


Energy Productions, Sensing water quality in remote places, Flux measurement

Surface modification with coatings

The technology is environmental friendly and versatile to be used in many sectors as replacement/improvement technology, and offers control of thickness, homogeneity and good surface quality in order to guarantee the quality of the initial substrate surface.


Heat Storage and Rejection  using coatings, Nanotechnology covering development, Lubricants

Multifunctional Composite Materials

Modified resin systems that can provide multifunctional characteristics leading to new performance levels: mechanical,  thermal or even stimuli-responsive or self-repairing characteristics.


Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems

Lightweight structural applications, High-end automobile and motor racing

High Pressure Injection Resin Transfer Moulding

Innovative approach to produce industry parts allowing high finish quality and controlled fibre directions, because of its low mass, aimed design and reduction of the production times.


Automotive, aerospace and aeronautical industries part production

Infrastructures and military applications, Medical composites, Wind turbine blades

Stamping of Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastics

Better fibre orientation, and improvement of mechanical properties while maintaining lightweight features and reduction of waste. Suitable for structural applications, replacing typical metal stamped applications.


Aeronautic components such as aircraft parts, Automotive – replacement of metal parts; door panels, body panels and seat backs; thin housings (hardware)

Filament Winding

Manufacturing process for high-performance composite material parts and components, which yields products with high strength/weight ratio, high fibre volume fraction, and a large degree of customization.


Containers, structural elements for machinery, low mass equipment, structural engineering applications /reinforced concrete structures.

Cork Composite materials

Cork composites suitable for lightweight and damping/acoustic management contexts. The air filled closed cork cell maintains the materials thermal insulation from -80ºC to 180ºC within a very narrow range. Since its not affected by humidity and has a high resistance to compression it serves as a perfect insulator.


Shipping: Transport vessels and containers; Civil Engineering: Acoustic structures and heat storage.

Multi-layer insulation blanket

These blankets are used for thermal insulation, namely to block thermal radiation for vacuum and non-vacuum environments. Tailored to a specific geometry, it has a low areal mass and thickness, large range of thermal performance (-250 to +300 ºC).


Communications, Industrial, medical and cryogenic devices (thermal protection), Transports (airplanes, trains and vehicles heat shielding)

Radiofrequency blanket

This blanket has a frequency-selective structure for blocking thermal radiation and managing electromagnetic interference. It can be applied as a patch or a large blanket, as it is lightweight and thin when compared with other solutions.


Medical devices (protection against radiation – frequency and power), Transports (airplanes, trains and electromagnetic vehicles and heat shielding) Telecommunication

Pressurized tanks

Through an ingenious concept for gas entrapment it can deliver the performance required: gas storage in highly pressurized spheres, it avoids pressure regulators, has higher flux rates and is easier and cheaper to manufacture.


Energy storage, supply / retail and transport, Gas propulsion and Thrusters

High quality fast prototyping

Ability to produce parts/tools with mechanical properties similar to moulding injection technic, but with optimized geometries. Capability to create designs tailored to the environmental constraints (zero gravity), recycling possibilities and less waste – reduced cost, volume, and mass constraints.


Zero gravity additive manufacturing, medical and Life Sciences, Electronics and semiconductors

Pre-impregnated materials

Typical building blocks for carbon fibre reinforced polymer composites, which can offer several advantages:  higher specific stiffness and specific strengths, corrosion resistance and easier and faster manufacturing.


Airfield and other transportation services, Motor vehicles, ttransportation, other industrial equipment and machinery

Fault Detection and Tolerant Control

Condition Monitoring and Control System (& service) for dynamic systems that provides early warnings and self-adaption if there are deviations from nominal operation. It can offer a reduction of costs, avoidance of premature breakdowns, remote diagnosis and allows system optimization.


Fault Detection and Isolation, Fault Tolerant Control, Condition Monitoring and Guidance Systems, Automation, Robotics Control Systems

Autonomous Inertia Estimation

Congestion is a major problem in many highways, thus authorities promote the High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV) which have dedicated lanes or reduced tolls tariffs. This technology helps HOV identification by tolls systems.


Toll Systems, Traffic Control

Electro-Explosive System

This device features six barriers to prevent that an inadvertent ignition. It can be used in all fields where explosions are used and safe handling of the ignitor charges is required. With minimal modification, it can also be used as an electric safe/arming device designed for extreme environments.


Mining – Detonators safety; Pyrotechnics – Detonators safety Pneumatics; High pressure valves in harsh environment

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