Express Ukrainian Call: ESA BIC Portugal supports Ukrainian companies

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The European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre Portugal (ESA BIC Portugal) will incubate and support Ukrainian companies using space technology. The application phase for the “Express Ukrainian Call” is ongoing and ends on the 26th of May.

This Express Ukrainian Call for Proposals aims to select projects and ideas for business incubation in the ESA BIC Portugal. The Agency offers to support projects and ideas for business incubation by providing funding, business and technical assistance, and office accommodation & services.

This Call is aimed at Ukrainian companies and citizens or residents of Ukraine planning to use space technology for non-space activities and domains, or to apply non-space technology in the space market. The goal is to provide a solution that enables business continuity and that answers the challenges facing businesses and citizens living in Ukraine.

ESA BIC Portugal encourages Applications addressing relevant problems, needs or opportunities regarding the following thematic areas: “Blue Worlds” – socio-economic development of the Atlantic; Sustainable development; Safe and secure communications, optical communications and 5G; and Space Safety.

The call in “express” mode is due to its special character in support of Ukraine and to the current circumstances we are going through. The call for proposals started on the 30th of April and ends on the 26th of May.

ESA BIC Portugal, coordinated by Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) and supported by Portugal Space and ANACOM, is part of a network of 21 ESA BICs across Europe, which were established to empower entrepreneurship and to allow local economies to benefit from space data and technologies. ESA BIC Portugal was launched in 2014 to offer technical, business and financial support to startups that use space technology for terrestrial applications.

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